For exchange students

Welcome to Södertörn University!

If you are an exchange student, you attend the university through a formal agreement of exchange students, either via the Erasmus program or through a bilateral agreement. You have to be appointed by your home university in order to attend exchange studies at Södertörn. This is also the difference between an exchange student and a freemover. A freemover is an international student coming to Sweden on the same terms as a Swedish student. For more information about freemovers, press the link on the left.

As an exchange student at Södertörn, the university offers you it's international officers that help you with all the formal and practical questions you might have before and after your arrival in Stockholm.
More information about exchange studies can be found on:

Erasmus Student Network Södertörn - ESN

ESN is ESN is a part of SöderS and has the important task to organize volunteer activities for international students. In need of more information about ESN? Visit or like them on Facebook! Be sure to join it as they arrange lots of social acitivities!