Terms of sale for sellers in SöderS Andrahandsbokhandel

SöderS Andrahandsbokhandel is using commission sales, which means that you as a seller will recive your money first when the book is sold.

The second hand bookshop mediates you book or books for a administrativ cost of SEK 30 / book. This cost will cover materials and revenues. 

After you have turned in your book to the secondhand bookshop, you have the right to pick it up during the bookshops opening hours. You can see it as your book is yours until the book is sold.

To make the administration easier and to prevent the bookstore shelves to become overfilled with old books, the books will expire after 1 year, after that they will belong to SöderS Andrahandsbokhandel. 

Before they expire, SöderS Andrahandsbokhandel will send out two emails to remind you to pick up your book or extend your sale in the bookshop. 

When your book has been sold we will send you an email and after that you'll be able to recive your profit. Remember to fill in the form for payment basis and email it to  or leave it in the bookshop. You should recive your payment within 4 weeks after you have submitted the payment basis.

SöderS Andrahandsbokhandel reserves the right to lower the price of your books if the price exceeds the market value of the book. 

The bookshop does not accept fiction literature if it's not included in any course. We do accept text compendium from Södertörn University. Older compendiums is recomended to leave in the free bookshelf outside the bookshop.

SöderS Andrahandsbokhandel reserves the right to turn down for example brooks which are broken, mismanaged books or very old versions of books.

The bookshop is responsible for your book or books, if a book is stolen or if your book should disappear during during the time it is in the bookshop. SöderS Andrahandsbokhandel will in that case replace the book with the amount you should have recived, exclusive the administration fee, if it was sold in the bookshop.