Terminsstart - Studentfrukost | Free breakfast for all students

- The information might change -

Welcome to the first week of the spring semester of 2020!
SöderS - the Student Union at Södertörn University will guide and help you through the week. What could be better than free breakfast every morning? Next to nothing! Welcome!

- MONDAY 20/1 09:00am-11:00am -
Let's kick-off with style - it's waffle breakfast time!

We have visits from:
/ Mitt Livs Val, talking about their mentor program for newcomers.
/ SSCO - Stockholm Student Union Central Organisation, the organisation represents over 90 000 students. Read more about their work: https://ssco.se/en/

- TUESDAY 21/1 09:00am-11:00am -
Day #2 - Here we go! Student breakfast! Together with JoS - Journalistföreningen på Södertörns högskola we invite you to another fantastic breakfast! Are you interested to know what JoS has planed during this semester? Stop by for a cup of coffee and meet the board!

We have visits from:
/ JUSEK, the trade union for university students. Read more about JUSEK and how to become a member: https://www.jusek.se/about-jusek-in-english-and-other-languages/

- WEDNESDAY 22/1 09:00am-11:00am -
It's time for breakfast together with ESN - Erasmus Student Network Södertörn! Come and meet with the board, talk about activities on campus and hear about the benefits of becoming a member. Check out ESN Södertörn on Facebook or read more about them here: https://www.soders.nu/student/erasmus-student-network

We have visits from:
/ Folkuniversitetet Stockholm, stop by and ask about their courses here: https://www.folkuniversitetet.se/In-English/
/ AI Eyewear, get access to great deals and get a free eye exam between 10am and 4pm. Read more about their deals: https://www.aieyewear.se/
/ Stiftelsen Läxhjälpen, read more about their work: https://laxhjalpen.se/

- THURSDAY 23/1 09:00am-11:00am -
Together with the Student Support Service we are inviting you to a lovely student breakfast once again! The Student Support Service works among other things with guiding, supporting and informing students, from their first contact with the university up to alumni level. Read more: sh.se/english/sodertorn-university/meet-sodertorn-university/this-is-sodertorn-university/organisation/student-support-services

Between 12:00am and 13:30pm we are arranging a fair for all associations at the university! Come and mingle!

- FRIDAY 24/1 09:00am-11:00am -
We invite you to a luxury breakfast! We made it through the first week of the semester and that is worth celebrating! SÖFRE is the biggest student association at Södertörn university and arrange great activities! Come by and meet the board!

We have visits from:
/ The trade union VISION, helps you out with your resume, consulting and much more.
WHO? Free student breakfast for all students of Södertörn university.
WHEN? Monday-Friday 9am-11am
WHERE? The event will be held at the Student Union, F-house, floor 5. Located directly to your right when you exited the escalators from the commuter train.

No pre-registration is required.


20 januari 2020


kl. 09:00-11:00


SöderS kårlokal (F-huset, plan 5)
Alfred Nobels allé 9 141 89 Huddinge