ESN Multicultural Gala

25th of November
3pm and onward
SöderS Student Pub

The event!

Through culture we explore, discover ,interact and cooperate to break barriers. The 2nd ESN international multicultural Gala aims to get to know each other’s culture including Swedish cul- ture in aspects of food, music, language, traditional non alco- holic drinks and fashion. 

Learn to speak some basic words from many other languages and dialects. Those who participate in food preparation will have a great time while doing so and also receive some be- nefits. Join us to make a playlist of our favourite tunes of our various countries on spotify to play at the event. 

You are welcome to share in this colourful event and participa- te in any capacity you can! Let’s get to know each other! 

Dzifa Amengor
President, ESN Södertörn